9am – 10AM

‌Ages 4 years old – 7 years old
£50 for 10 WEEK BLOCK

Bookings welcome throughout the term and late arrivals welcome.



ACE TOTS is a club that is committed to working with and in the wider community.
In partnership with Ardley United FC, ACE TOTS provides children between the ages of 4-7 years old with the opportunity to play football on a Saturday morning.

This club is tailored specifically for football enthusiasts who are not yet eligible to play for Grassroots football teams. At ACE TOTS, we believe that children who start playing football at a young age
are more likely to develop a love for the game and become lifelong fans. Our aim is
to provide a fun introduction to the game of football, while also working on
developing the necessary skills required to prepare your children for the transition into Ardley United U7s.

At the end of the season, we create ready-made U7s teams that are well- equipped to compete against other teams in the Grassroots football league. With a focus on teamwork, building confidence, and having fun, ACE TOTS provides a safe and inclusive environment for your football-mad boys and girls to hone their
skills and develop their passion for the game. Join us today and watch your children grow into confident and skilled football players!

ACE TOTS - W/C 20/01/24

Saturday 20th January – Saturday 23rd March

£50 (10 weeks Block)

Ages 4-7 years

Bookings welcome throughout the term and late arrivals welcome.


ACE TOTS - W/C 04/05/24

Saturday 4th May – Saturday 20th July

£60 (12 weeks Block)

Ages 4-7 years

Bookings welcome throughout the term and late arrivals welcome.


ACE TOTS - Stay Tuned

Saturday TBC – Saturday TBC


Ages 4-7 years

Bookings welcome throughout the term and late arrivals welcome.



What Our Families are Saying

“My son absolutely loved tots. It has had a real positive impact on him increasing his confidence and develop his football skills massively. The coaches are excellent engaging, enthusiastic and inclusive. My son has established really good friendships and has gone on to play for Ardley United on a team with all his friends he made at tots”.

“My son started at ACE Tots because he started to show an interest in football but were too young to join a team! His football skills have not only improved but so has his confidence!”.

“After watching the Lionesses on TV my daughter asked if she could start football. I had no idea where to start but after a recommendation on Facebook I was delighted to discover ACE Tots. The staff are great and although my daughter was shy to start with she has so much confidence now and is improving with every session”.

“I would highly recommend ACE Tots to any parent looking for a starting point for their child who is interested in football. My son started at aged 6 and the sessions helped him develop his skills and now he is playing for the Ardley United U7s! Thank you everyone at ACE for helping my boy find a hobby that keeps him fit and active and off of the XBOX!”.

“This is a great starter session if your little ones are interested in football from learning skills to scoring goals the hour is perfect. My son has been going for a term and half now and he sometimes struggles to get motivated. The friendly and fun staff are always trying different tactics to get him to join in and are very successful”.

“Tots is a dynamic and fun club to help introduce and develop your child into the world of football. The coaches are fantastic and consistent with the kids which helps them feel at home. My child looked forward to his class every Saturday and watching him progress and improve his skills was a complete joy. Highly recommend 👍

Would like to know more about ACE Tots?

Core Values





Where is it?

Whitelands Farm Sports Ground, Bicester, OX26 1AJ

Can I sign up half way through a block?

Yes you can sign up at anytime and the cost will be worked out.

Do the children play in a team?

No, Tots is an introduction to football with learning skills and games. When they are 7 years old we have the opportunity to play as Ardley United u8’s.